21st National Pediatric Conference, Pre Conference Workshop On “Research Proposal Development” 23rd November 2023

The Pre-Conference Workshop on “Research Proposal Development” held as a part of the 21st National Pediatric Conference brought together a distinguished panel of guest speakers, including Dr. Amin Jan,Dr. Tufail Muhammad, Dr. Sher Bahadur, Dr. Rubeena, Dr. Fatima & Dr. Nehal Sher Khan. The workshop aimed to enhance the research and proposal development skills of pediatric healthcare professionals.

The “Proposal Development Workshop” was a resounding success, equipping pediatric healthcare professionals with the essential skills needed to develop impactful research proposals. The diverse expertise of the guest speakers, coupled with interactive sessions, ensured that participants left the workshop with a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting high-quality research proposals.

The Chief Guest Dr. Muhammad Hussain expresses gratitude to the speakers for their invaluable contributions and looks forward to the continued success and growth of pediatric research in the years to come.