Meeting PPA-RD, Northern Healthcare and KICH

The meeting commenced at 12pm, Tuesday, 16th January 2024, at KICH, and was attended by the following:

  • Dr. Amin Jan Gandapur (Chairman PPA Research Division)
  • Dr. Tufail Muhammad (Co-chair and Member PPA RD)
  • Dr. Nehal Sher Khan (Research Coordinator PPA RD)
  • Dr. Sajjad Khan (CEO Northern Healthcare)
  • Faizan Zareen (Software Engineer- NHS)
  • Dr. Inayat (Dean KICH)
  • Dr. Sher Bahadur (Epidemiologist- KICH)
  • Dr. Aqeel Khan Khattak (Professor HMC)
  • Saud M. Khan (DBA- KICH)