Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) is the representative body of more than 3000 pediatricians of Pakistan. The Association has a Central body, 4 Provincial Branches and a Branch at the Federal area. Besides the Braches, the Association has a number of sub-specialty groups and a Research Division to take its mission forward.

According to Clause 18 of the Constitution of Pakistan Pediatric Association; The Research Division of PPA shall be located at Peshawar. It shall formulate proposals and coordinate and implement research at national level. The Research Division shall be donated 10 % of the savings of all the National and Biennial Conferences of PPA for this purpose. The PPA-KP shall frame proposed bye-laws for the functioning and administration of the Division, its income and expenses accounts and auditing etc. and present them for approval by the Executive Committee of PPA Centre and once approved, they shall come into force immediately.

The main objectives of the Research Division are:

1- Initiate and coordinate research on current pediatric problems at national level

2- Promote a culture of research and critical thinking amongst the membership of PPA

3- Develop a list of priority research areas around child health and protection in Pakistan

4- Build a robust data/evidence base around common pediatric problems in Pakistan


Structure of Research Divison:

A- Steering Committee:

The business of the Research Division is managed by a 3 members Steering Committee consisting of the following:

1- Prof. Amin Jan Gandapur (Chair person)

2- Prof. Tufail Muhammad (Member)

3- Prof. Afzal Khan Khattak (Member)

B- Panel of Experts:

A National panel of Experts advises and guides the Steering Committee on technical issues regarding the areas of research and the assessment of the research proposals for quality and technical feasibility. The Panel of Experts include:

(Names of Experts)